Thursday, November 14, 2013

Meet and Greet~~~~~

Was a great success....  Our neighbors made the new kids on the block feel very much at home and very welcome to our area.

I think they are enjoying living on the river from what we could tell.  We are certainly convinced that they will take very good care of our home.  It sounds like this could be a long partnership in the lease of our home as they may be here for three years.

Tonight we don't have any plans for which I am happy about.  We will be going out to dinner tomorrow night with our daughter Tammy and her hubby to say our goodbyes...see ya laters etc.

Our plan is to leave Saturday morning around 10:00.....not planning to get much farther then the Lake of the Ozarks area but we shall see.  We are very anxious to get a move on for sure.  Emilee said the weather in Phoenix has been fantastic....Perfect!

Until next time~~~~Travel Safely

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