Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pretty Poodles and a Belated Birthday Supper~~~~~

We have had a full day today....

After our walk this morning, Craig detailed the truck interior.  Looks great!

After he left to go for his bike ride, I started bathing the girls.  After they had dried I decided to start grooming them.  I did not do a before picture but believe me they were rag a muffins.

Here is the finished product though.....


They have not removed their Christmas bows yet either!

Next on the agenda was to get my birthday supper going....and I must say it turned out pretty good.

Filet and Lobster on the Barby!
Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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  1. Birthday supper looks delicious! Real foggy here today, think it's our last day of warm temps for awhile. Turning VERY cold and chance of snow by Sunday. We are outta here on the 28th. Judy & Bob


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